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MADD Canada is unique from other anti-impaired driving groups because of its commitment to the service of victims. Find out about MADD's Statement of Beliefs. MADD has grown from coast to coast and continues to advocate for change to make our communities safer and to provide victims of impaired driving with a voice.

MADD's aim is to heighten awareness about the dangers of impaired driving, offer support services to victims, and to save lives.

Driving while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is a terrible crime that touches all of our lives. Impaired drivers are gambling with the safety of everyone on the road. And the payoff in Canada is deadly. MADD wants everyone to realize that drinking and driving is an irresponsible, dangerous and intolerable act.

Speakers are available to come to your school, office or community group to speak about their personal experiences. For more information about MADD's programs, contact the local Chapter by e-mail or by phone at (613) 236-6233.

Getting the message out in our Community
There are many ways that MADD gets the message out in our community, for example through the Red Ribbon campaign, speaking sessions and information booths.

  • That our primary reason for existence is to eliminate the killing and maiming caused by impaired driving.
  • Equally vital to MADD Canada's existence is supporting victims of this violent crime.
  • That MADD Canada is a grassroots organization that draws its strength, energy, and leadership from its volunteers.
  • That active participation in MADD Canada chapter activities is productive for the community and encourages healing for many victims of impaired driving.
  • An aggressive legislative and public policy advocacy program is a must to achieve MADD Canada's mission.
  • That a National Victims' Bill of Rights must be created in order to ensure fair and respectful treatment of all victims of crime.
  • That a balanced program of public awareness, education, legislation, and aggressive enforcement by police, crown attorneys, and the courts is essential to eliminating impaired driving.
  • That while an individual's decision to consume alcohol is a private matter, driving after consuming alcohol is a public matter.
  • That impaired drivers and others who directly contribute to the crime of impaired driving must be held accountable for their behaviour.
  • That proactive rehabilitation of impaired drivers is essential.
  • That driving is a privilege, not a right.
  • That impaired driving crashes are not accidents.

What You Need To Know About RV Insurance In Ontario

There are not many things in this world that have the ability to free the mind, rejuvenate the body, and revitalize the spirit like taking to the open road in an RV with family or friends. Anytime you are in an RV you are guaranteed to make memories to last a lifetime. The meticulous maintenance of your RV will ensure that it will provide years of road trips for you and your family, but have you given much thought as to the your rv insurance Ontario? Before you take to the road on another adventure, you should review your policy to make sure that you have the right coverage for your home away from home.

Crossing Boundaries

If you are planning a trip to a foreign country, you need to make sure that your current policy will cover your RV and your traveling companions. Some plans are very specific and will cover some countries but exclude others. The last thing that you need is to have an accident in another country and then find out that you are not covered.

Liability Insurance

Whether your RV is one that is stationary or a road warrior, you need to make sure that you keep valid liability coverage on it at all times. Liability coverage protects your interest by helping to pay for damages to property, and the medical bills of other people involved in any accident that you cause. Depending on the area that you reside in, you may be required at the very least the to purchase same amount of liability coverage for your RV as your automobile.

Collision and Comprehensive Insurance

If you are in an accident and you are the party that is at fault, collision coverage will help to pay for the damages to your RV. If your RV gets stolen or is in an accident and is deemed a total loss, comprehensive coverage can help replace your RV. In addition, damage caused by fire, vandalism and falling debris is also covered by collision insurance.

Home Sweet Home

If your RV is your only residence, higher liability limits may be imposed depending on your policy. You may even be required to purchase a full-timers package. Full-Timers packages consist of protections that are comparable to those found in homeowner’s policies.

There are all different types of policies that you can purchase for your RV, like medical payments coverage, which takes care of injuries that you sustain in an accident. You can also purchase supplements to add to your rv insurance ontario policy like rental coverage, emergency towing and uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance. Before you select a policy, you should take a little time to review the options that are available to you.



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